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Understanding Parenthood and Children


Grand Families Support Groups

Court Approved Parenting and Co-parenting classes

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Parenting Classes are offered to:

  • Parents individually, in groups, at schools, caregivers or tutors, teachers.
  • Our classes are now Court Approved in the City of San Diego.
  • 5 sessions of 2 hours each of Parenting  and Co-Parenting.
  • The students will receive a certificate for both programs
  • We also offer One Topic Conferences for Specific Groups.
  • Sessions are tailored according to the age group of children.
  • Sessions designed also for specific group needs.

List of Topics for Classes

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In addition to single topics, the classes can be structured as a course using the evidence-based program

STEP (Systematic Training for Effective Parenting)

Each Student receives a book and handouts according to the ages of their children

  • Parents as Role Models: Our job.
  • What means to be a family: Working as a team, building your values, and practicing them.
  • Why Children Misbehave: How to change it.
  • Family and Chores: What to expect at each age.
  • The Power of Expectations.
  • Building Self Esteem: The language of encouragement.
  • Discipline vs Punishment: Are they the same?.
  • Cooperation: What does it mean, and how much to expect.
  • Understanding Children: The basics, from birth to five, elementary school-age children and adolescents; each group is a different class.
  • The Importance of Sleep: How much?. How often?. It's the relationship to stress.
  • Crying and Whining: Are they the same?
  • The Wonderful and Terrible Twos: Understanding your child's behavior.
  • What Makes Us Who We Are: Can we expect the same behavior from all our children?.
  • Listening, Talking, and Body Language: Learning good communication skills.
  • The wonderful - terrible 2's and 3's, how to survive them and enjoy them.
  • Expecting a new baby? How to avoid Jealousy and encourage cooperation.
  • Understanding Social and Emotional Development.
  • Teaching Problem Solving Skills: Raising an Independent Child.
  • Understanding yourself and your Adolescent.
  • The Importance of Routines.
  • Resiliency and Stress Coping Skills: Learning from our mistakes.

Separation and Divorce

  • Children and Divorce; the NOT-TO-DO list and The TO-DO list.
  • Parenting without a Partner.
  • Co-Parenting.
  • Parallel Parenting.
  • Issues with Step Families.
  • Managing Anger and guilt: Being aware of what we say to ourselves.
  • Emotional Challenges: Examining your beliefs.
  • Explaining the Special Needs of your child to you, and helping you become the best parent for him/her.
  • Court Ordered Parenting Classes.


Adverse Childhood Experiences          

           Also Known as ACE's

  • Is it reversible? What to do ?.

  • How does this affects my child's behavior?

  • How do we help children cope with them?

  • What do the caregivers/grandparents need to know?

  • Child Abuse and Neglect

  • Domestic Violence. Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships.

List of Topics Continued

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  • Positive Parenting.
  • Using Discipline Instead of Punishment.
  • Why Children Misbehave and how to change it.
  • Teaching Problem Solving Skills.
  • Raising an Independent Child.
  • Divide and Conquer Household Chores.

  • Labels: Uplifting or Damaging.
  • Understanding Adolescence, characteristics, and risks.
  • Parenting without a partner.
  • Children and Divorce: Do's and Don'ts.
  • Anger management: You can only if you want.
  • Raising a Child with Sensory Processing Disorder.

All services can be rendered either in English or Spanish.

Group Certification of the system Parents on a Mission

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