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Understanding Parenthood and Children


Grandparent Family and Relative Caregiver Support Groups

Court Approved Parenting and Co-parenting classes

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All services can be rendered either in English or Spanish.

We have been recipients of grants from the County of San Diego to provide free parenting classes since 2016

List of Services

Being a parent is the most important job we will ever have. It impacts us and our children for their entire lifespan, just like we were impacted by our parents.

Important as it is there are not many schools or universities that teach one how to be a good parent before we become one.

We learn as we go, or the way we were parented. Sometimes we like it, and want to do the same, sometimes we don't and want to do something different. Sometimes we didn't have the luck to have a parent by our side as we grew, or just had one parent.

When we decide to form a family, we might come from different backgrounds or different ways of being parented, and we might have different ways and ideas so we find ourselves encountering bumps on the road.

That's why our services can help you and your family overcome these differences and come together in unity.

Every individual and family is different and unique and has its own personality, rhythm, values, and beliefs. There's not one single system of parenting that will fit all, so that's why we listen to you, observe your interactions, then assess and give you feedback about what we think might be helpful for you. We help families thrive.

We are located in San Diego California.

Our Parenting and Co-Parenting Classes are now Court Approved in San Diego, CA. All our services are bilingual English or Spanish.

Parenting classes usually consist of 5 two hour group classes, tailored to the ages of your children, and the needs in your family. These are free classes. You will receive a book and handouts according to their age!

If a special class for parents of children with a disability is ordered by the court, it can also be designed according to your needs at a cost.

All classes can be delivered after work hours and or on weekends.

We tailor to the client's needs, according to the Court Order, in the length of classes and/or topics.

Individual parenting classes can be received at a cost.

Wrap-Around Services for Family Reunification:

This program helps families go through relational differences that interfere with the upbringing of their children, their development, and well-being. It helps the parents understand what their sons/daughters went through when parents were away; or vice-versa.

It enables the parents and sons/daughters to bring peace to their home. It's practical and to the point.

Co-Parenting classes:

This helps divorced or separated couples learn how to agree about the way their new family situation will be handled.

The coach acts as a third party to help you navigate these new waters for the benefit of your children and yourselves. 

The classes are individual classes at a cost.

Parenting Classes:‚Äč

  • Offered for parent groups, schools, and caregivers.
  • One 60 min conferences
  • Three  2 hour seminar classes.
  • 10 free group sessions, per court orders.
  • Prices according to the length in time, sessions, and the number of participants.
  • There are parenting classes for parents with a special needs child.

This class will be designed according to the parent's needs according to the special needs of their child, such as signs, symptoms, causes, treatment, understanding his / her needs, and lessons on how to help.

Learn how to be the best parent for your child with disabilities.

See the list of topics page.