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AFS is mentioned here in the UCSD NEWS! Click here for more information!

Workshops Build Skills and Help Caregivers Gain Confidence While Helping Students Through Turbulent Times!

Assertive Family Solutions Strives to Add Culture

Grandparents and children attended the play "Jungle Book" at the Balboa Park Junior Theatre on Sunday, March 6th, 2022. A good time was had by all!

Understanding Parenthood and Children


Grandparent Family and Relative Caregiver Support Groups

Court Approved Parenting and Co-parenting classes

AFS Mission

Assertive Family Solutions strives to provide healthy, happy, loving environments for the youth in our community. Our key goal is to identify necessary resources to help them develop to their full potential. We offer training techniques that will assist parents, tutors, and grandparents in raising children in non-traditional settings. 

The seeds we plant today will produce respectful, responsible, and productive children for the future.

Parenting Classes

Being a parent is the most important job we will ever have; it impacts us and our children for their entire life span. Important as it is, there are very few schools or universities that offer courses on how to be a good parent in what can be adverse circumstances. We learn as we go, or we fall back onto old practices which may or may not be appropriate. 

When we decide to form a family, some members may come from different backgrounds and so then we find ourselves encountering bumps on the road. 


Every family is different and has its own personality, rhythm, values, and beliefs; there's not one single system of parenting that will fit all. So we listen to you and observe your interactions. Then we assess and give you feedback about what we think might be helpful for your particular circumstances. 

Our Parenting and Co-Parenting Classes are now court-approved in San Diego, CA.

All classes can be delivered after work hours and/or on weekends. We tailor services to each client's needs according to the court order. Class lengths and topics vary.  Since the advent of COVID-19, we have added ZOOM classes for your  convenience.


Wrap Around Services for Family Reunification

AFS helps families understand the relational differences that interfere with the upbringing of their children's well being  and development.                                                    

AFS assists parents in understanding the circumstances behind the formation of their new family. It also helps the family set ground rules in order to facilitate peace in their home environment.


AFS helps divorced or separated cou​ples come to an agreement in determining what is best for their children.​

Individual and in person sessions​ by Zoom will be available until meeting sites reopen.

Right now we are offering Parenting and Co-Parenting classes at the same time.

Students receive a certificate for both classes.

They are being taught with the Parenting Classes.

Parenting Classes


Click Here!

If one is under a court mandate or has a CWS case that requires for you to take a clas​s look here for the next series to be announced.

Next Classes are currently on hold , waiting for a New


Support Groups for Grandparents and Relatives Raising Children

We are offering now in person meetings once a month in person.

2 groups :

*The 2nd Tuesday of each month from 10 am to 12pm

For English Speakers.

* The 3rd Tuesday of each month from 4.30 to

For Spanish Speakers.

Where: Care Community Center .

Address: 12 North Euclid Ave. National City 91950

Attendants will learn about resources for them and their grandchildren.

Al services are free, no need to RSVP , just attend



We are now also offering food to those families in need every Thursday at 12 . This is food donated from San Diego Food Bank through the Care Community Center. I f you need food Contact us.

Visit the Page of One For Each Other to find out more. Or Contact our Director: [email protected]

All Donations are for this Cause

Parenting  Skills for Women on the Path to Recovery

AFS has also been working with a residential facility where groups of women on the path to recovery have worked through the process so they can reunite safely with their children.

All services can be rendered either in English or Spanish.

All programs are developed by Assertive Family Solutions.